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Integration and interface management

We ensure that your processes, your SAP system and broader IT landscape are ideally matched to one another. As part of the business IT alignment we evaluate your processes together with you, formulate system requirements on this basis and systematically implement them. In this respect, integration of the system landscape in the SAP system is an important objective and is realized by the simplest possible means. Within the SAP system we place particular value on the cross-module integration of your processes in order to ensure the optimal utilization of the system in all sectors of the organization.

Materials Management

At the start of the logistics chain is the procurement of raw materials. The possibilities are diverse. We support you for obtaining quotations, master procurement agreements, supply schedules, stock transfers and for the classic purchasing process. Subsequently together with you we ensure that there is correct inventory management for all inventory types and special inventories. Finally we support you for inventory taking independently of whether you use an annual inventory count, a perpetual inventory procedure or cycle counting. In addition we are pleased to advise you on utilization of the evaluation options in SAP ECC.

Plant Maintenance SAP PM

Well-planned maintenance is the key to efficient and trouble-free production. Together with you we draw up maintenance processes and install these in the system so that you always have an accurate overview of planned and forced maintenance procedures within your company. When designing maintenance procedures we are able to map the complete portfolio from the simple administration of equipment through to complex technical structures.

Warehouse Management / Shipping SAP LES/WM

If inventory management in MM-IM is no longer sufficient for precise management of materials by location we advise you on the utilization of the warehouse management system. Our portfolio extends across the complete spectrum of warehouse management from the creation of a simple warehouse structure through the utilization of mobile solutions to the linking of decentralized systems. Naturally our focus here is on the inventory irrespective of which inventory procedure you use. Through embedding the warehouse management we are proficient at handling the interfaces in the direction of MM, QM, PP und SD as a matter of course.

Project System SAP PS

As far as complex projects are concerned there they need their own structures within the SAP system. SAP PS provides the ideal configuration for this purpose. Together with you we design the ideal project structures thereby ensuring that the function of the logistics is ideal with respect to the context of the project.

Production Planning and Production Control SAP PP

SAP PP is the central module for manufacturing industry From here we optimize the complete logistics planning together with you. From sales planning through requirements planning to production management, we are your competent support for designing your processes and their consistent implementation in the system. At the same time we continue to keep the surrounding processes in view (e.g. QM). Important for us is the ability to think outside the box. An effective planning and management also includes amongst other things adequate production logistics of which we have a command through all means offered by the system. Needless to say in this respect KANBAN is not uncharted territory for us. In today’s world of the manufacturing company the use of PDA or MES systems is standard practice. At the same time linking to SAP increases transparency and simplifies the utilization of different systems. We are pleased to advise you on linking your third-party system to your SAP system.

Evaluation of the SAP skills of your candidates

You wish to appoint new staff for whom the use of SAP will be part of the daily routine. Hence candidates should ideally possess SAP skills. Unfortunately candidates’ certificates or assertions are frequently not a reliable criterion for evaluating SAP skills. We provide you with vetting of such skills during the application process. For this purpose we prepare a custom-designed requirements profile together with you based on which we appraise the SAP knowledge of your candidates using a questionnaire, an interview or an assignment, depending on your needs.

Our industry expertise

Our industry expertise in detail

Defense Forces & Public Security

As a result of our long experience of SAP consultancy for the German Armed Forces we are at home in the industry solution Defense Forces and Public Security. Irrespective of whether material management, warehouse management or maintenance at sea, on land or in the air, we have made a contribution to all significant roll-out projects.


The special requirements of the aerospace sector are not unfamiliar to us. In particular we have successfully implemented the design of master parts lists and other items specific to the aerospace industry in SAP many times. We can provide advice on the project structures in the SAP project system for the implementation of the logistics chain for the production or maintenance of aircraft in equal measure. At the same time we always keep the special obligations with respect to documentation in mind and optimize the processes according to pertaining statutory requirements.

Consumer products

Built to stock in variable quantities This epitomizes the consumer products industry. Here we have proven ourselves under practical conditions many times, in particular in the mapping of logistical processes from procurement through scheduling, production and warehouse management to shipping. Maintenance of the means of production utilized is also one of our focal points in this industry. The integration of PDA or MES systems in production as well as external WMS in warehouse management are items which are embedded by us in the process and specifically implemented in SAP.

Mechanical engineering

No matter whether small-series manufacturing with built to stock production or individual customer stock or custom project production, we have accumulated a great deal of experience in this sector and will therefore be pleased to advice you on the specific implementation of your requirements in the SAP system. The integration of PDA or MES systems in production as well as external WMS in warehouse management are items which are embedded by us in the process and specifically implemented in SAP.

Warehouse logistics

Fast turnover with no loss of time are our focal point for warehouse optimization. From the development of the specific warehouse systematics through to cross docking and linking of external WMS or mobile data collection solutions, we will be pleased to support you with our specialist knowledge and experience.